About Dr. Terry Hambrick

Dr. Terry Hambrick

Dr. Terry Hambrick is a Chiropractor who has been in private practice since 1982. He is a graduate of Life Chiropractic College (now Life University) in Marietta, Georgia and is a Diplomate of the International College of Applied Kinesiology (ICAK).

Dr. Hambrick has practiced in Georgia, North Carolina, Colorado, and now maintains a busy private practice in the Clearwater/Safety Harbor area of Pinellas County, Florida. He has served as an Executive Board member and Chairman of the Research Advisory Committee for the ICAK, publishing several peer articles in the peer-reviewed scientific literature for the alternative health field. His certifications include Acupuncture, Neuro-Emotional Technique, NLP, and Physical Therapy. Dr. Hambrick has trained as a Kundalini Yoga Instructor and a Qi Gong Instructor. He loves to grow some of his own food, having grown up on the family farm in Southern Georgia and he thoroughly enjoys working with four-legged patients (horses, cats, dogs) when the occasion arises.

His initial interest in exploring the concepts of “The Miracle Is You” originated with an article that he wrote at the request of the author of a small, self-published magazine entitled Sports Miracles. The concept of the magazine was to showcase examples of people who had recovered from difficulties in their life through participation in sports. From his observation of the all-too-human tendency to search outside of ourselves for “miracles” when something life threatening or life challenging occurs and in keeping with the spirit of the magazine’s intent to celebrate the efforts to overcome adversity, the original article was born. This idea has been an underpinning of the 35+ years of deep personal searching and continual learning to better support and render care to the thousands of patients that Dr. Hambrick has had the honor of treating. The concept is a constant reminder to look first to the power of the intelligence that initially made the body and is perpetually remaking it with each breath that we take, to find ways to trust, nurture, and support that inborn, God-given capacity to heal from the inside out.

The Miracle Is You (TMIY)is an on-line forum and portal through which individuals around the world can find reinforcement for their desire to heal themselves. It is a space, a place, where inspiration and information are readily available, steadily progressing and forever evolving toward a healthier, more sane planet through the power of self-reflection and honoring of self and other. TMIY provides encouragement to humanity in expectation that we can and will reach a tipping point at which consciousness shifts so that we can each recognize the divinity within ourselves which, by definition, means that divinity must also live in every other human on the planet, no matter what their color, nationality, religion, sexual preference or what their personal history might reveal. Through regular blog entries, workshops, personal healing sessions and video presentations, TMIY provides information and practices that bring your attention to the miracle that is already, always happening inside of you. It is this insight, this realization, that allows you to cultivate a new way of thinking, a different relationship with yourself and, thereby, a healthier relationship with your fellow human beings. To spread the word, products adorned with the colorful toroidal field are offered through the website.

The toroidal field is depicted in the TMIY logo to represent the field to which Albert Einstein refers in his famous quote: “The FIELD is the sole governing agency of the particle.” The physical body of the human is the particle and the electromagnetic field around every cell and around the entire physical body is the field. We are not just a physical being. Indeed, the field around and inside of us contains information that directs and influences how the physical body expresses itself. TMIY is committed to helping humanity shift its awareness, its consciousness, to the reality that eliminating the elements that are NOT us and cultivating the elements that are ESSENTIALLY us, leads to a transformation of the experiences that we have of being human. The Sun, the Moon, the Stars, the Solar System, distant galaxies all are governed in the same way, the field directs the movement of the particles (Sun, Moon, Stars) rather than the particle emanating the field; there is an interaction between them, of course. The information that is in the field of each human being is made up of thoughts, feelings, emotions, memories, impressions, and experiences that are stored in the subtle energy field, not just in the meat body, the physical structures. TMIY is about jettisoning the unnecessary elements of our experience and embracing the uplifting, life-enhancing, affirmative aspects of our essential selves.

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