When I wear a shirt or jacket with The Miracle Is You logo on it, people frequently comment on it and say “I want one of those shirts!” Often, they will ask, “but what does it mean?” The logo itself is a depiction of what is known as a torus or a toroidal field. This fundamental energetic pattern of electromagnetic flow that surrounds and moves through the earth, the atom, the universe and every cell in your body is very well defined in the YouTube video lesson #21 by Spirit Science. In that video, you will hear the toroidal field described as follows:


The torus is a very fundamental part of nature; so fundamental, in fact, that science is now seeing that everything moves through this form in one way or another, including ourselves. Very simply, a torus is a self-organizing system that all comes together at a space of unity and expands its energy out all around itself until it returns back to that original space in the center and will continue to do it again.

Here is the link to the full video

What does it mean to ME? Why should I care? Once again, the entire premise of The Miracle Is You is that we get more of what we focus on; By focusing on the foundational structure and function of the energetic field that emanates from within us and surrounds us and every other living thing, we are getting more function and efficiency from that system. By recognizing and appreciating that there is a majestic intelligence that informs every breath we take and every beat of our heart, we are enhancing the effectiveness of those processes; we are amplifying the majesty! We get more of what we want and less of what we don’t want. Sounds simple! It IS simple; not necessarily always easy, but it is very simple. The “space of unity” mentioned in the Spirit Science video is, within YOU, arising with each heartbeat, it emanates from your heart, from the center of your structural self which is also the center of your energetic self, your electromagnetic self. Because, yes, we ARE electromagnetic beings, we are energetic beings. But, what does THAT mean? Tune in to the next video to get a deeper appreciation for THAT simple but profound concept. Until then, bring your attention BACK to the center of your chest and send a big batch of appreciation for that miraculous organ, your heart, that beats 100,000 times every day without you ever having to give it a second thought.