The Miracle is You the Miraculous System Within Us

The Miraculous Systems Within Us

When we come to understand the elaborate inner workings of the body which we inhabit, we reach a place of appreciation and gratitude for the intelligence that lives within us.

Grounded in the Source of all Life, this intelligence expresses itself in the form of health, well-being, happiness and prosperity. We live in a truly abundant Universe and the Power that enlivens it is vital and dynamic within all of us, all the time, continuously remodeling us at the cellular level.
These playshops provide a direct experience of this enlightening process, unveiling the miracle that lives inside of you. Interactive in nature and innovative in delivery, this teaching will shift your awareness to a more constructive and life-affirming position, giving you beneficial tools to use throughout your future and disconnecting you from the misguided concept that you are at the mercy of the world around you.

Harness the power that IS you, so that your heart will be full of appreciation and love. Cultivate and nurture the potent energy that is brimming within you, so that gratitude overflows into your surroundings. Support and enhance the ever-present potential you possess at each and every moment.

  • Engage with the glandular and hormonal systems within your body as they maintain constant communication.
  • Tune into the nervous system as it transmits signals which supports every other system in your body.
  • Connect to and celebrate the immune system as it protects you from environmental threats.
  • Commune with the cell, that makes up the organ, that makes up the system, that makes up YOU, and is part of a perpetual system that exchanges information at the speed of light with every other cell in your body.
  • Experience how your sight, sound, smell, taste, touch are all parts of the Miracle that is YOU!